Kaiser Serajuddin is a lifelong fitness trainer in the Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island areas of New York. He is the founder of Better Body Bootcamp, and is also one of the trainers there.

Better Body Bootcamp is an indoor Bootcamp company with two locations in New York. The original location is in Great Neck Long Island, and was opened in March of 2011. The second location is in Bayside Queens, and was opened in December of 2011.

As a whole, Better Body Bootcamp is the top privately owned Bootcamp program in the United States in terms of earnings and total active members. Other corporately owned national Bootcamp chains exist that have greater revenues, but as for privately owned Bootcamps, none exceeds Better Body.

Better Body also uses a membership based model (where clients join as members for six month to one year commitments). This makes Better Body Bootcamp possibly the number one fitness program in America in terms of number of active clients as well, although this is not confirmed.

Bootcamps have become a commoditized industry (meaning everyone’s doing them), with Bootcamp classes offered for free at most healthclubs, and thousands of privately owned indoor and outdoor Bootcamps existing throughout the country.

What sets Better Body Bootcamp apart is it’s focus. The entire program is designed to improve the body composition (i.e. help with fat loss) and improve the physical appearance of it’s members. This is achieved by combining high-intensity metabolic training with body-part specific exercises designed to create a lean, toned, balanced, and attractive body.

To improve the physical appearance (and not just performance), certain exercises shouldn’t be done by some people. For example a woman that is above her normal weight and tends to store excess weight in her lower body, should not be doing heavy, powerlifting movements, as these are likely to increase the size of her legs. No other group fitness program is known to both combine focus on fat loss and metabolic conditioning, as well as use body-part specific training to improve the physical appearance of it’s members, the way Better Body does.

Better Body also places a high priority on educating their members on healthy eating and living a fitter lifestyle.

The sad fact is that a legitimate fitness option for busy people doesn’t exist today. Specialized fitness programs usually aren’t aligned with the fat loss goals of most busy people. Personal Training costs too much and exceptional trainers are nearly impossible to find. High-end fitness programs are too pretentious and not a comfortable place for beginners or people coming back from a long layoff to train. That’s why Better Body Bootcamp was created.

Besides fitness, Better Body also nurtures a sense of community among it’s members. Better Body strives to make fitness a welcome escape from the day-to-day stresses of normal life. It values being a positive force in the world, personal improvement, enjoying life, living a balanced life, valuing your community, valuing friendship, and giving back.

Despite it’s number of members and level of success, Better Body Bootcamp employs a very small team of exceptional trainers. The training team devotes their entire lives to helping the members continually achieve new physical heights and keeping their training program the top in the industry.

Kaiser Serajuddin’s past experience in fitness was as the owner of Gohard Fitness, a personal training business that operated through joint ventures with private health clubs in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.

He was also the private trainer to several well known individuals in the worlds of finance, real-estate, nightlife, and fashion as part of GoHard Fitness.

Because of the demanding time and travel required as a trainer, Kaiser decided to leave the field of Personal Training and for a while fold GoHard Fitness. He went on to create Super-Trainer.com, the Online Fitness Business Magazine. This site offered helpful career and business advice to fitness professionals, as well courses on progressing in your fitness career. The website and courses had a huge impact on hundreds of personal trainiers across the world, creating many impressive success stories. Super-Trainer.com was sold in 2011, prior to the opening of Better Body Bootcamp.

Kaiser currently devotes 100% of his time to Better Body Bootcamp. This time is spent conducting Bootcamp sessions, improving the program, nurturing his tribe of loyal clients, and making sure the program runs efficiently. He currently lives in the same neighborhood where we grew up and went to school as a child, Bayside Queens.